Registration Information

Registration for the 2020 WVD-USA conference is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here for additional information.

Please Note: Registration does not cover a hotel room.

Please click here for hotel information.

After you register check out the Know Before You Go page!

2020 WVD U.S. - ADULT (18+) Registration Fees and Dates
Registration TypeOpensClosesFee
2020 WVD U.S. - YOUTH (6-17 years) Registration Fees and Dates
Registration TypeOpensClosesFee

About the registration fee

We are excited to welcome everyone to Minneapolis, MN! Some of you may notice the cost of the registration fee has increased this year.  Don’t worry, we are excited to share that the overall cost to attend is actually less than previous years!!! (see the historical information below*)

The price increase is a necessary step to keep up with the natural inflation of costs and the need to make the World Vitiligo Day USA a long term, sustainable event. We do everything we can to make the conference affordable for everyone and will continue to keep vitiligans and their friends/families in mind.

See you in Minnesota!

* We reached out to the former chairs and obtained as much information as possible. Where there were multiple options for a given category we averaged the costs. For transportation to and from the various hotels and airports we assumed a price of $35 each way. This is a fair average for most large cities. We have tried to present the information in the most factual and practical way possible. Actual experience may vary from person to person.

Historical WVD USA Information
LocationEst. AttendanceFeeHotel (2 nights)Shuttle/CabTotal to attend
Minneapolis, MN
TBD$175$218Free Shuttle$393
Houston, TX
Boston, MA
300$125$290Free Shuttle$415
Detroit, MI
Washington, D.C.